Hams are ordered by loads of about 1,800- 2,000 hams. When the hams first come in, they are immediately dry rubbed with a mixture of salt, brown sugar, and other ingredients. The hams are stored in a cooler for 14 days before being overhauled. This is the process of once again applying the dry rub cure to the hams. The hams are placed back in the cooler for another 30 days.

At this point, the hams are put into a nylon net and hung on wooden racks in a dry temperature controlled room. The first 30 days the hams are kept at a cool temperature of about 38 degrees.

After the 30 days, it is time to slowly introduce heat onto the hams. The hams undergo heat for about 25 days. The hams must lose 18% of original weight to meat government regulations of a country cured ham.

Once the hams are through the heating process they may be sold in a number of different ways. Some hams may be sold immediately after coming out of the heating process, while some will continue to hang an additional several months. The longer it hangs the less moisture the ham contains and the flavors concentrate making for a stronger piece of meat.